Can you please refund my bluecloud select membership?


Thanks for trying out Bluecloud Select, we hope you got some value out of it!  

We are always looking to improve our material and products.  Can you quickly tell me your reason for cancelling your membership?

I’ve processed your refund, you should see it back in your account in 3-4 business days.  


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    I requested to be canceled from the course before you charged 197$ to me.

    This is your ticket number for my request:

    "Thanks for reaching out! We've received your message (4968)."

    I did not like the strategy for testing the 
    course for $ 1 and the timing to withdraw
    from the course posed to Sunday.
    You receive bad publicity from me.

    Please refund!


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    Daniel Avalos

    I emailed the support email y'all have up was wanting a refund please

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