Where is the product I just purchased?


Pumped on your purchase!  Please consider the following when trying to access your product.

What happens after purchase is, you are emailed a URL and login information to your own personal repository where you can go to get access to your product.  

Please allow at least 15 minutes after purchase and check your spam folder for your confirmation email.

If you are still having problems getting your logins or accessing the product on your dashboard, email support@bluecloudsolutions.com and we’ll get back to you right away.  

Thanks for your patience!  (I will keep this ticket open to make sure you have a smooth experience)

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    Peter Torres

    I just tried the stops, so far not a good impression. I'm having to luck finding a legit login screen. The email sent had no temporary password to use. Its giving me the feeling that I've been scammed. If this is the official website for members then this needs a better UI and UX designer.

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    I didn't receive my login details.  I've tried all of the avenues offered to get a response from you to sort this out with no success.  Expired links sent and 'site not operating messages.  I'm also starting to feel like I might have been scammed??

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    Joseph Brozyniak

    Same here. No login details

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