What types of consulting do you offer?

Hey -

I’m pumped you’re interested in having Carter and the Bluecloud Team consult your business and products.  Let me explain more about our consultation calls and how they work.

We use Clarity as a platform for all consultation calls.  It’s real easy to setup and helps organize and schedule calls.  You can schedule calls with Carter here.

Carter will have A LOT of information and suggestions, it may be a good idea to split calls up so you can digest all the information provided.  I recommend starting with overviewing your company/portfolio, and what your end goal is.  Then, go into some specifics that are blocking you from reaching that goal(s).  

Useful notes to have prepared for your call (All info will remain confidential):

- Your end gameplan or exit plan (sell company, sell code, make a bigger brand, create more apps, partnerships, skin...)

- Your biggest problems right now (ASO, low Ad Revenue/IAP Revenue, increase traffic, purchasing traffic, A/B testing, users not staying in app long enough, not knowing how to manage a growing company...)

- Financial Reports (App Annie + all expenses for the run rate of your portfolio - coders, designers, upkeep...)

- A traffic report of where you're getting customers (Organic traffic, social media, traffic campaigns)

Think about the above, specifically what you want your 'exit plan to be,' and what you need help with most right now!

Monthly coaching is also available. This is done on an application basis. If you are interested, please email support@bluecloudsoluitons.com with a subject line of Consulting Inquiry. 

I'm excited for you to talk to Carter and take a step forward with your app business!


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